It took me a long time to realize that I had a deep belief that I was not worthy of success, wealth and a purpose-driven life. I embodied this belief by working jobs that drained me physically, emotionally and energetically - making just enough money to get by. 

I wanted so badly to be valued, and compensated well for my value. But instead, I was paid for my time. I watched the companies I worked for make profits that were 1000x more than my hourly wage. I poured all of energy, my creativity, my ideas into someone else’s vision & dream - and I abandoned mine. 

I wanted so deeply to be a conscious creator and not an unconscious consumer. I wanted so badly to break free from that system and make money doing what I loved. I decided that not taking the leap was not an option anymore, I had to step into my calling - two feet in. 

I leaped, and the ground appeared. I found KNOW YOUR WHY. A conscious community of heart-led entrepreneurs. An intimate circle of loving, supportive and divinely guided humans who fully support you on your unique and beautiful journey to fully stepping into your power. This is a community of co-creation, where every single person brings a unique offering.


Everyone has a seat at the table. 




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