work is our love made visible

Updated: May 31, 2020

Over the past year, I have undergone tremendous shifts in my consciousness + radical healing + expansive growth. I have stepped into my truth, fully in alignment—physically, mentally and spiritually. Forever evolving. 

Through this rebirth, I have found a strong urge to express myself authentically online. As I leap joyfully in to a career that is intertwined with the use of social media and prepare to share more and more of my work online— I feel some intention setting is in order. 

I have felt the ways in which social media can quickly pull me out of the flow of gratitude and abundance that I live in. I see how scrolling through Instagram and Facebook can put me to sleep and pacify me. 

But, I also see how this funny way of connecting and relating to other humans can deepen and expand the love that we have for ourselves and for each other.

Kahlil Gibran told us, “work is love made visible”. And so, I am setting the intention to be fully transparent, authentic and open on this platform. To use it as a tool to expand, heal and inspire. To interact and communicate from my heart space.

I will put language to the nebulous of love that I experience, and share the overflow with you through my work. To make, not take. To be a visual weaver. A bridge. A mirror, to reflect back to you the love and beauty that you are.

And so, I am.

Find the full text ‘On Work’ by Kahlil Gibran here. I suggest that you check out the entirety of his work entitled, ‘The Prophet’. His wisdom has been such a blessing in my life.


© 2020 by Cal Russe.