conscious social media

Updated: May 31, 2020

I've been taking a l o n g detox from sharing on social media. but i’m back.

just like everything else in this benevolent universe, social media is an energy. and I've been having a difficult time working with it. I am an artist and want to share my work as well as my thoughts and ideas on instagram. I also deeply want to connect with like-minded individuals. to learn, grow and co-create together. ⠀ I have felt such a deep resistance within myself every time I go to make a post and share my thoughts online. ⠀ I want my time on social media to feel good. that's the point, right? so, I've been meditating on the question of what that looks like for me. how do I evolve my relationship with social media so that it feels good for me?

I started by rewriting my stories surrounding social media. stories that have been so deeply ingrained in my subconscious like, social media is a waste of time. it makes me feel insecure and lowers my self esteem. social media encourages judgement and comparison. ⠀ no wonder I haven't been enjoying my time on social media! ⠀ the beliefs that I have surrounding social media will determine the experience that I have with it. it's really that simple. so, I am taking responsibility for my experience here. ⠀ I will not make authentic connections on social media if I keep telling the story that people on social media are inauthentic most of the time. those energies just don't align. my experience on here will only shift, when my thoughts around it shift.

here are some of the affirmations that I've been using as I build a new relationship with social media: ⠀ -social media is a tool that connects me with beautiful + authentic people. -social media is a safe space for me to share my thoughts and ideas freely. -social media encourages me to fully live in the brightest and biggest expression of myself. ⠀ grateful to be in this space with you friends, thanks for being here.

big love, cal


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